Responsible Mining

Being a responsible mining company is not something we take lightly. To have good judgement, to act correctly, to make sound decisions – that’s what we strive to imbue throughout our entire organisation.

We are responsible for our people.

From on-site health and safety protocols for employees and contractors, to a wider view taking in their families and our West Coast neighbours, we understand we have a responsibility to everyone connected with New Zealand Coal and Carbon.

We are responsible for our community.

Because we are a significant employer on the West Coast, we do our best to contribute positively to the communities in which we operate.

We are responsible for our environment.

As a proud New Zealand company, we make sure we lead from the front in the arena of environmental care. We proactively follow industry best practice and, of course, current legislation to minimise environmental impact.

And it goes without saying that we are responsible to you, our customer. You might be pleasantly surprised how a just-right-sized mining company at the bottom of the world is responsible for top quality coal products.