Specialist Products

Specialist Producers

With three different operating open cast mines offering three varieties of quality coal, New Zealand Coal and Carbon is uniquely positioned to supply the world with the ‘special ingredient’ for their blends. The primary markets for our coal are speciality and metallurgical coke producers.


New Creek Mining

The high sulphur content coal drawn from New Creek Mine in the Brunner coal measure, inland from Westport, is particularly popular for cement applications.


Rajah Mining

The Rajah Mine in the acclaimed Greymouth coalfield continues to produce premium coking coal for markets around the world.


Echo Mining

The Garvey Creek coalfield near Reefton is home to the Echo Mine, which produces a low ash, semi-soft coking coal, sought after by specialist metallurgical applications.

Composite Development

New Zealand Coal and Carbon’s Research and Development subsidiary. NUENZ Ltd, has successfully developed a unique product in Silicon Nitride from New Zealand coal.

With more than a decade and millions of dollars in research and development behind it, our new production facility has recently opened in Petone, Wellington.

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Semi-Soft Coking Coal

With the benefit of having low to ultra-low ash, the semi-soft coking coal from the Echo mine is ideal for producing silicon metal. It is low phosphorus with medium volatile matter.


Hard Coking Coal

For a premium hard coking coal, the output of the Rajah mine near Greymouth is low in sulphur, low to medium in volatile matter and has high vitrinite.